How to Wear Square Scarf ?

Square scarves are incredible items that shouldn’t miss in one’s closet. This has been an important women’s adornment in the 20th century though became popular between the 1920s to 1970s, oftentimes worn in an easy knot around someone’s neck or even on the head. In this century, the square scarf has become a fashionable and necessary fashion item, with most women wearing it as well as inventing other creative ways of tying them. The scarf is now an item that expresses creativity, individual style, and chic. Modern square scarves come in many colors and styles, for instance from tender pastels to even bold retro patterns to luscious pattern schemes.

What is a square scarf called?

What Is A Square Scarf Called

Square scarves are usually wrapped around the neck, head, or even on the hair. They can be worn casually or during formal occasions. Square scarves are usually curved in various styles; Small Square scarf; also known as bandanas, neckerchiefs, or neck scarves. Made from silk or even cotton materials that are usually light. Neckerchiefs are usually larger measuring 26-inch square whereas bandanas measure between19-20 inch square. Classic square silk scarves are also known as Foulard. They are versatile in size and worn around the waist, neck, or as a headscarf. Over-sized square scarves are 47-55 inch square or even larger that are wrapped on the shoulders like a shawl, worn like a headscarf, and around the waist like a hip-scarf.

How do you wear a square silk scarf on your head?

How Do You Wear A Square Silk Scarf On Your Head

Wearing a square silk scarf on the head expresses fashion. Try folding the square silk scarf diagonally in halves, then overlap the lower third up as well as the upper third down this will eventually form a lengthy trapezoid. Next, place the centermost part of the square silk scarf at the rear of the head, wrap it up and also around as well as trying it on the forehead

How do you wear a square neck scarf?

How Do You Wear A Square Neck Scarf

Essentially crease the silk square scarf into equal parts to form a square neck-scarf that is in form of a triangle. At that point fold it over your neck in so doing, the square neck scarf points are facing downwards. Try tying the loose knots that show up at the rear part of the neck. Your square neck scarf is done.

How do you wear a square scarf as a shawl?

How Do You Wear A Square Scarf As A Shawl

Wearing a square scarf as a shawl has its advantage in that it can be wrapped in various ways without bulging the fabric itself. To wear the square scarf as a shawl; hold the shawl firmly before you. To make it resemble a more standard scarf, it’s quite imperative to slash its width by so doing, the shawl will now resemble a square scarf. Then put the shawl into your hands and position it in front while leveling the sides and wrapping it on the body. Move the shawl’s center to the front of the neck while holding its center over the collar bone as well as tossing its ends over the shoulders. This makes the shawl rest below the chin. Once that is done, wrap the ends of the shawl to rest on the shoulders. Then your shawl as a square scarf is done.

How do you cover your face with a square scarf?

How Do You Cover Your Face With A Square Scarf

The square scarf can be curved in a way that it can cover the face, this is done by laying the square silk fabric before you, then folding the silk square scarf to form a triangle while bringing the bottom part of the corner upwards towards the top. The silk square scarf is then folded again while holding it over the mouth as well as to the nose, try tying it around the rear of the head.

How do you pin a square scarf?

How Do You Pin A Square Scarf

A square scarf has basic ways of pinning it, drape the square scarf wrapped around the neck while tying its ends together using a secure easy knot. Make sure extra material is left, then the extra material is twisted to produce a knot, once the loops are formed try pulling them all together over the head while placing the knots behind the neck. A square scarf is done.

How do you style a small square scarf?

How Do You Style A Small Square Scarf

Tying a small square scarf is one of the most versatile and easy ways; for you to tie your small square scarf, wrap a small loop at the center of the small square scarf then place the loop in front of the neck, make sure the ends of the small square scarf are placed behind the neck and also wrapped in front. Insert one of the ends of the scarf inside the knot as well as the other ends while adjusting them. Your small scarf is styled up and done.

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