How to Wear Beanie

Some people love to wear beanie because it is comfortable and lightweight. Beanie is made of leather or silk. You have to learn more about beanies, such as how if you wear them every day, why it is smelly, and other things. Check the information below so you can wear a beanie without anything to worry about anymore.  

Is It OK to Wear A Beanie Every day?

Is It Ok To Wear A Beanie Every Day

Wearing a beanie every day is not good for your hair. It affects the hair model and even triggers hair loss. Hairstylists explain that wearing a beanie every day will make your hair flat. This product will also reduce the volume of your hair. You may get surprised because your hair looks oilier than before.

Yes, wearing a beanie every day makes your hair oily. It means you need more hair treatment than before. Use beanie excessively also affect the scalp. Your scalp needs enough oxygen and sunlight to promote hair growth. Imagine if you cover the scalp every day. The worse effect is that you may have a hair loss problem.

Why Do Beanies Smell?

You may smell something bad after using your beanie for a few weeks. The smell can be coming from sweat stains that stay there for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, you also smell something in a new beanie. It is the smell of the fabric. One thing for sure that you have to wash the beanie regularly to prevent a bad smell. Check the instructions first before washing the beanie. Make sure that it is okay to wash the beanie with a washing machine.

If it is not, you can hand wash this product carefully. You can use an anti-stain product if you see the stain. Let the beanie for 10 minutes and soak it in cold water. Use a regular detergent and squeeze to reduce the excess water. Let the beanie dry for a few hours. Make sure that the beanie is completely dry before wearing it.

Can You Put A Beanie Baby in the Dryer?

Can You Put A Beanie Baby In The Dryer

It is important to keep a beanie for your baby clean and smell good. Most parents get confused about whether they can put a beanie baby in the dryer or not. You are not allowed to put a beanie baby in the dryer.

The best way to dry the beanies is by putting them out first from the washing machine. Gently squeeze the beanies to reduce the excess water. Take a shelf or a table and put the beanies there and use an air-dry method.

This drying method takes time because you need to wait for it dry for a few hours. The most important thing is that you can keep the beanie safe. It keeps the beanie last longer so your baby can wear it over and over again.   

Should A Beanie Cover Your Ears?

Should A Beanie Cover Your Ears

It depends on the function of the beanie. You can wear the beanie and cover your ears with it if you wear it in cold weather. This cap will make you a little bit warm in the winter or rainy season. It also protects your hair, scalp, and ears from dust, snow, or others that may disturb you.

The classic cuffed beanie is a classic method of wearing a beanie. In this method, the beanie is covering the ears. It is also okay if you don’t cover your ears with a beanie if you want to apply the fisherman or other styles.

Why Do Beanies Slip Off My Head?

Your beanie will always slip off your head every time you shake your head. Try to pull it down or toward the front of your head to prevent it slips off. There is also a case that the beanie falls off when you look up. It happens probably because you are wearing a too big beanie. The best solution is wearing a tighter beanie that fits enough with the size of your head circumference size.

How do men with short hair wear a beanie?

How Do Men With Short Hair Wear A Beanie

Finding the right beanie for men with short hair is tricky. The best option is wearing a tight beanie. Make sure that the size is not too big or slouchy, so it doesn’t cover up your head. Try to wear a thin or medium thickness beanie.

How Do You Wear Headphones and Beanies?

Wear a loose beanie, so there is enough room for the headphone. You can put the headband on the outside if you are wearing a tight beanie. For a more comfortable option, choose a headphone with earmuffs or a headband.

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