How to Wear A Fedora

A Fedora hat becomes one of the latest trends today. This hat is flexible in which women and men can wear it. The design is also simple and easy to mix and match with a variety of clothes. Check the detail below if you want to know more about this hat.

Who makes the best Fedora?

How To Wear A Fedora

A Fedora hat is a unique hat with a soft brim and indented crown. Manufacturers often use wool, cashmere, rabbit, or beaver felt as the main material of this product. You can also find a Fedora hat made of straw, cotton, waxed, hemp, linen, oiled cotton, or leather. Borsalino is one of the companies that make the best Fedora. The pinch-front teardrop-shaped crown is the model that differentiates between Borsalino Fedora hats and other hats.

This company becomes the oldest Italian company that produces luxury Fedora hats. Giuseppe Borsalino as the founder of this company combines luxury designs and cultural values to produce beautiful and comfortable Fedora hats. Imagine that this company produces the felt models with over 50 manual steps and finish it up to seven weeks. Sometimes, they also spend 6 months to finish a single Fedora hat.    

Should A Fedora Touch Your Ears?

Should A Fedora Touch Your Ears

Wearing a Fedora hat is not the same as wearing ordinary hats. You have to understand how to wear this hat properly. Newbie Fedora hat wearers often ask whether the hat has to touch the ears or not. You must get the right hat size first. It has to be not too big or too small on your head. The right position of the hat is above the center of the forehead and above the ears. So, it seems that you wear a too big Fedora hat if it touches your ears. Make sure that this hat doesn’t droop down over the forehead. You may tilt or wear this hat straightly as long as it looks suit for you.  

How Do You Wear A Fedora Hat with Jeans?

How Do You Wear A Fedora Hat With Jean

A Fedora hat is flexible to wear. You can wear it for formal events, such as weddings, black tie events, and others. The cool thing is that this hat is also perfect for casual events, such as balls or upscale dance events, the Kentucky Derby, and others.

The most important thing is that you know how to mix and match this hat correctly. For example, you want to mix this hat with Jeans. In this case, wearing a straw Fedora hat is perfect with Jeans and a shirt. This model is fashionable enough for those who want to go for a vacation, to the beach, pool, and other casual events.

What Clothes to Wear with A Fedora Hat?

What Clothes To Wear With A Fedora Hat

The best way to mix and match the Fedora hat and fashion style is by determining the type of your style first. For example, you are about to wear a tailored suit for attending formal events. If it is so, a wool Fedora hat will be nice. The color of your fashion items can also determine the type of Fedora hat you have to wear. You may wear a black Fedora if you are wearing a lighter suit. A gray Fedora hat is also perfect if you wear something blue, gray, or black.

 A casual straw Fedora is more flexible in which it matches with all types of clothes no matter the colors. There are no strict rules on the Fedora hat you must wear. The final decision is yours. You can mix and match the hat with all fashion items as long as you love and comfortable with it.  

What Color Fedora Should I Wear

What Color Fedora Should I Wear

A dark Fedora hat will be suitable for those who wear brighter fashion items. You can wear casual Fedora hats with natural colors for casual events. This hat fits with any outfit. It is better not to wear a hat that fancier than your clothes. It is okay if you don’t want to follow this rule. Fedora hats are flexible enough for all fashion items. Make sure that you are comfortable and stunning when you wear a Fedora hat.

How to Wear a Fedora Hat with Short Hair?

How To Wear A Fedora Hat With Short Hair

You can pull the hat onto the back of your head. The idea is to reveal a small part of your hair. It makes your appearance looks simple, fresh, and clean. For a simpler option, you can use it regularly based on the correct method to wear a Fedora hat.  

Why Is Fedora an Insult?

In the past, a Fedora hat was associated with bad people, such as gangsters, Prohibition, Cowboys, and others. Some people also correlate the use of Fedora hats with religious thought.  

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