How To Glam Up Your Look While Protecting Your Hair With Hair Scarves

The head scarf isn’t a new trend among women. It is a very versatile hair accessory. Scarves are a great way to protect your hair. When the hair is constantly exposed to the wind, or the sun, it tends to lose its moisture, making it brittle and dry. Scarves are a necessity, especially for women with curly hair. Scarves can also be used to hide greasy strands in between washes. Not only do scarves represent style and beauty, but they also ensure that the curls underneath remain moisturized and healthy. You can achieve different looks with scarves too. The most commonly asked question is do scarves damage your hair? 

Scarves do not damage the hair if you choose the best material. However head scarves can damage your hair if you wear them for longer periods of time. If you go for scarves with the wrong material then you will experience some damage especially along your hairline.

What Scarves Are Good For Curly/Black Hair?

The best scarf recommended to use on black hair is silk. Silk is not porous unlike other materials like cotton. Silk helps to keep the hair soft and moisturized as it does not strip the hair of its moisture. Avoid cotton material for scarves as cotton does not slide on the hair; instead, cotton rubs on the hair, causing friction, making the hair break. Cotton also sucks the moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage.

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Why You Should Sleep With A Scarf

Wearing a scarf to sleep is highly recommended and safe. During the night, the hair comes into contact with the pillow. Friction between the hair and the cushion is what causes hair damage. To avoid this, it’s advisable to tie a silk scarf on your hair at night before going to sleep. A silk scarf prevents your hair from looking frizzy in the morning. Wrapping the hair at night also helps with length retention.

Sleeping With A Scarf

Sleeping With A Scarf At Night

Does Wrapping Your Hair At Night Make It Grow?

Wrapping your hair at night is a great way to grow your hair. When you wrap your hair at night, you build up heat on your scalp leading to sebum production thus encouraging hair growth. So yes wrapping your hair at night helps with hair growth.


Which One is Better? A Scarf Or A Bonnet

The decision to choose a scarf or a bonnet solely depends on the style that you want to achieve, your hairstyle, or your personal preference. For curly hairstyles like twist outs, it’s better to use a bonnet as it will not press on the hair.



 For straight styles like cornrows then a scarf can be used. However, bonnets are more stylish as compared to scarves.



How To wrap A Scarf On Curly Hair At Night

The easiest and safest way to wrap a scarf at night is by tying the hair away from the face and using the scarf to secure it in place. The scarf should be tight enough to hold through the night and loose enough for comfort.

Sleeping With A Scarf At Night

How To Wrap Curly Hair At Night

How To Secure Your Scarf In Your Hair

To stop your hair scarf from falling or sliding around your hair, simply tie a stretchy headband then place the silk scarf on top of the headband to hold the silk scarf in place.

How To Prevent The Hair and Scarf From Smelling

In as much as scarves serve a purpose to protect the hair, Using a scarf for longer periods of time could make the hair smell. Always ensure that you do not overuse the scarves. Another way is by ensuring that both your hair and scarf are clean. To clean the scarf, put some water in a bucket or a sink and add a little shampoo or washing soap. Let the scarf soak for a few minutes and rinse it off. Clean hair also ensures that your scarf smells good.

Types Of Hair Scarves

There are 2 types of hair scarves.

  • Square Head Scarves
  • Rectangular Head Scarves

The Square Head Scarf is the easies to work with. Before deciding to buy this scarf, make sure that the size fits your whole head. The most recommended size is 28 by 28 inches.

The Rectangular Scarf on the other hand is not quite multipurpose. Its best to use it if you love the idea of excess fabric hanging down 

Below Are Different Ways To Tie A Scarf


Different Styles To Tie A Scarf


How To Tie A Head Scarf 4

How To Tie A Scarf Different Style

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