How to Wear Headbands on Babies

Headbands On Babies

Your baby looks cute with a headband. A headband is also easy to mix and match with the baby outfit. Nowadays, you can also find a variety of headbands for babies that make your baby even cuter. Before doing that, you may want to learn something about this fashion item, especially about the safety of the babies.

Why Put Headbands on Babies

Why Put Headbands On Babies

In the past, parents put a headband on their babies to differentiate between a baby boy and a girl. People who saw a baby with a headband will automatically associate it with a baby girl. As a result, no one gets confused about the gender of the newborn baby anymore. Nowadays, parents put on a headband to make their babies eye-catching, cuter, and charming. People thought that a baby girl with a headband is cute. That’s why some baby photographers ask their baby clients to wear a headband. Another reason why parents often put a headband on their babies is to keep their head warmer. This method sounds funny but it works, especially in cold weather. They only have to find the best headbands with thick materials to keep the head of their babies warm.

Should You Wash Baby Headbands?

Should You Wash Baby Headbands

You have to wash baby headbands because it may bring dirt, dust, bacteria, or even virus after you bring your baby out. Use a mild and soapy detergent to wash the headband. Make sure that the detergent doesn’t contain bleach. Mix the detergent with a bowl of lukewarm water. For a maximal result, soak the headband for two up to three minutes. Then, gently squeeze the headband to get rid of the excess water and hang it to air dry. Do this process regularly to make sure that your baby is always wearing a clean headband. You also have to find more information about the parts that you can wash. It is because not all parts are washable. Washing the right headband parts is not only to make it clean but also to keep it safe. As a result, your baby can use the headband over and over again.   

How do you make baby headbands smaller?

How Do You Make Baby Headbands Smaller

The headband size varies. A headband for a newborn baby is 12 inches. You can put a 13 inches headband for 0 up to 6 months old babies. Some stores are also available with 14 inches headbands for 6 to 12 months old babies. Find 15 inches headbands for 12 up to 18 months old babies and 16 inches for 18 to 24 months old babies. So, how if the headband is too big for your baby? You can make it smaller first to make it fits and comfortable to use. All you have to do is cutting the headband strap and put it on the head of the baby. Make sure that it is fit enough with the baby. Then, sewing back the headband strap with the new measurement. For a simpler method, you may also stick the strap with glue. That’s it! Now, you have a fit headband for your baby. Check the head size of your baby first before buying a headband next time.  

What size should I make baby headbands?

What Size Should I Make Baby Headbands

The size of the baby headbands depends on the age of the baby as well as the head size. For example, a newborn baby often has 12 to 13 inches of head circumference size. It means you have to make a 12 inches headband for him or her. A 0 to 3 months old baby has a 13 to 15 inches head circumference size. A 13 inches headband will be perfect for them. The idea is that you must measure the head circumference size of your baby first. Then, buy a headband based on the size. Don’t buy too big or even too small headbands. You have to customize the headband if it is too big. The headband will harm your baby if it is too small.   

What Material Do You Use for Baby Headbands?

What Material Do You Use For Baby Headbands

You can use a variety of materials to create or choose baby headbands, such as spandex, polyester, faux leather, and nylon spandex. The most important thing is that the headband has to be elastic enough, comfortable for the skin, and a material that can absorb sweat. These headbands will keep your baby comfortable and away from skin allergies.

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